Fashion Friends. Friends of Fashion.


We are Fasionista friends. This is the website of friends Imain Camille, Norma and Andie. We have been best friends since Junior High. We dress differently, and prefers a lot of different things. We are our own personality but we have one great thing that bonded us together – fashion.

fashionImc-normandie.comĀ is a website of friends for friends. Readers are very much welcome to share their opinion and articles to our website. We’d like that everyone like us bonded together for self improvement and exchanging of ideas. We believe that it is healthy.

In the coming months, we will be organizing events such as bazaars or simple meet up session with all our readers. Stay tuned to the announcement. We have the Board Meeting page for upcoming event announcements.

We hope that you would enjoy reading and going back to our website. We will see you soon!